Juliet Funt

The Power of Silence:  Achieving higher level of performance through embracing your White Space

  • Learn how to identify your true executive priorities
  • Discover methods to reduce the low-value tasks that crowd your day
  • Meet and learn to conquer the Thieves of Productivity
  • Gain skills in the use of White Space
  • Enrich your time at home with these same Powerful Techniques
  • Become more creative, productive and engaged

Kristen Hadeed

Striking a Chord With Millennials

  • Gain a better understanding of the millennial generation and the amazing potential that lies within our future leaders
  • Explore what it takes to build an environment that equips millennials with the skills needed to lead our world one day
  • Learn how to build a culture where everyone comes together and works in harmony, no matter what generation we are a part of
  • Plenty of time for Q&A--come with questions! ur future leaders

Charles Hazlewood

How to Bring Together the Perfect Team

Create a trusting environment in which each player is enabled to shine

  • Bind teams to achieve the best possible performance
  • Overcome leadership challenges through strong teamwork
  • Work together in a positive, productive and committed way
  • Use innovation and creativity to bring out the best in people
  • Embrace change as a tool to promote individual growth
 Art Barter

Arranging the Music – Servant Leadership Style
  • Learn the critical need for a leader to have mission and purpose
  • How mission and purpose can be reflected in your character and attitude
  • Discover how to blend differing strengths and cultures into harmonious collaboration
  • Learn to lead as a servant leader using listening, observing and arranging to build strong teams


Jim Minarik

The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

  • Who is DEI/Forte for Children
  • How we learned to leverage our business and relationships to help others
  • How our foundation has positively impacted our company's culture and the communities where we do business
  • How and why YOU can do the same thing within your company or organization
 VickiVicki Clark

Leading the Band from Where You Stand
  • Gain the understanding that we are all leaders somewhere, sometime
  • Learn the challenges faced by leaders today with regard to employee dis-engagement
  • Discover the nine servant leadership behaviors and how they affect employee engagement
  • Learn the behavioral outcomes of practicing servant leadership behaviors
  • Employ an action plan to improve specific behaviors to improve your leadership

 Michael Tatelbame

Connect – Trust – Act

  • Learn the story of servant leadership at Kindred Healthcare
  • Examine the connect, trust and act model of servant leadership
  • Discover ways to strengthen connections at work and what prevents us from connecting
  • Understand when it’s appropriate to move directly to action and forego connection

  Art Barter

Next Steps in Implementing Servant Leadership
  • Learn how to lead effective teams using your power wisely as a servant leader
  • Discover the needs every team has and how to fulfill those needs
  • Learn how servant leaders meet employees where they are through providing relevant feedback, coaching and mentoring
  • Learn to identify those employees who use negative tactics and how to lead them more effectively


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